ATPL -A - Distant Course

The modular ATPL-A Distant Course is suitable for those wishing to work as professional and airline pilots . 

This is designed in particular for people who already possess a PPL licence with a minimum of 150 flight hours experience behind them, 100 of which as Pilot in Command (PIC).

For this specific course, please take contact with us for a personal proposal.

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Target Students

Knowledge requirements:

  • PPL holder
  • to have 1st class medical certificate
  • sufficient knowledge of math, physics and english

Courses Structure

Theory and Flight Time

  • VFR single engine (15 hours)
  • Night VFR (5 hours)
  • IFR single engine (45 hours)
  • IFR multi engine (15 hours)
  • Theory Distant Learning (600 hours)
  • Theory On Permise Classroom (40 hours)



BSCA-Brussels South Charleroi Airport
Office S6/R3
Rue des Fusillés 21
6040 Gosselies

Distant Learning:

At your home, with an internet connection, a adapted computer and web browser.
Login and password to our website.

Important Note: This ATPL-A course is given under the supervision of Alfako ATO.