About Us

Star Aviation Academy has regrouped a pool of highly professional ground and inflight instructors.

Together with our Students, we will teach the best of aeronautics.
Star Aviation Academy is a Commercial Brand of Bouxair SA
Flight Simulator Certification FNPT II nr : BE FNPT 003A

A simulator ALSIM 102 is certified by the Belgium Civil Aviation Administration (BE-FNPT 003A). Based in EBNM - Namur. Installed in a container, it can be moved to any location on demand.

Agostino Pignatelli

CEO of Bouxair SA
 Academy Director

Philippe Boutefeu

Examinator, Instructor,
Air Regulation Director,
Head of Simulator Training

thierry Wiame

Head of Ground and 
Inflight Training

Paul Van Dievoet

Financial Consultant
Ground and Inflight Training